IP Address Changer

for GoPro Hero 3+ Black cameras

GoPro cameras normally operate as a Wifi host with a fixed IP address of This utility is designed to allow the user to change the IP address of each camera in a multiple networked camera installation. If you don't know why you would need to do this, you don't need this utility.

The IP Address Changer only works with the Hero 3+ Black camera and absolutely requires firmware version HD3.11.02.00 and Wifi version, released March 6, 2014. No older or newer firmware will work with this utility.

For firmware version HD3.11.01.04 and Wifi version, released October 15, 2013 use the old IPChanger for Wifi

Check camera firmware version

Before beginning, please follow the steps below to make sure your camera and SD card are ready to begin:

  1. Save all the photos on your SD card to another device.
  2. Turn on your camera and format the SD card using the Delete All function from the menu.
  3. Select the photo mode and take a single photo.

Your SD card should now be clean and ready to install updated firmware.

Verify the firmware version on your camera:

  1. Insert the SD card in your card reader.

Click on Choose File and browse to your SD card.

Then open the MISC folder and open the version.txt file.

Now click on Test Firmware Version


Patch the WiFi Firmware

Use this utility at your own risk! The user agrees that there is significant risk that patching firmware and updating the camera can damage the camera permanently and in a way not covered by the GoPro warranty. The user agrees not to hold the website owner or software authors responsible in any way.

You must upload the file WF3.11-app.bin that you extracted from the update.zip folder downloaded from GoPro. This is the GoPro firmware for the camera WiFi operation.

Enter the desired IP address. Addresses in the form 10.x.5.y are possible.

Click the Upload button to continue.

Patch WF3.11-app.bin

After uploading your old bin file, you will be able to download a custom zip file created for your camera with a new IP address. This file will be used to update the camera.

The IP address will be changed permanently. To revert to the original address, just install the GoPro update again or create a custom binary with the address

FAQ and Troubleshooting

The camera is not switching to update when I turn it on.

This may be the result of hidden characters introduced when you downloaded the command file. The best way is to download the zip file and drag files from the zip folder to the SD card.

Other reasons for scripts not working: 1. The camera is plugged into a USB charger. 2. The camera is not set to default to power on in photo mode. 3. Your SD card is incompatible with the update procedure.

Can you help me to write a SOBM script to do something else?

Yes, we would like to build the library of useful functions. If you have created a useful script, or if you would like help creating one, please contact us. If you want help, please be as clear and specific about what you want as possible.