CSI HERO4 Scripts

for GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver cameras

These scripts for the HERO4 camera are required if you have purchased the CamDo Solutions Time Lapse Intervalometer, Programmable Scheduler, Motion Detector, Wired Remote or old Bullet Cable (superseded June 2016). Note scripts are not required for the new Bullet or Blink timelapse controller (from June 2016).

Firmware update and CSI interpreter required

In order to run the CSI scripts for the HERO4, it is necessary to first install the CSI firmware update and the CSI script interpreter. These camera updates are included with the purchase of CamDo HERO4 compatible hardware.

If you have been sent a password, but have not installed the CSI custom firmware update:

Install the CSI Firmware Update

If you do not have your password, Request a password.

Feature List

Feature Lite Pro Cloud
Script Length 6 Lines Max Unlimited Unlimited
Set Auto-Off Timer
Turn Off Camera
Mode Selection (Video/Photo)
Mode Selection (Burst/Night Photo)
Video low-light (On/Off)
Protune (Video/Photo)
Set Exposure Level (Video/Photo)
Set Resolution
WiFi On/Off
IP Changer*
WiFi Monitor**
Cloud Service Upload
Cost Free $79
Email Us
Email Us


* Allows the GoPro camera IP address to be changed for when multiple cameras are in use in advanced applications.

**Refers to the bug which turns WiFi off when a USB cable is disconnected from the camera. The WiFi Monitor function will keep WiFi on.

Lite Command List

Command Description
mode photo Change mode to photo
mode video Change mode to video
shutter press Trigger the shutter button. In video mode, this command needs to be used once to start the video and once to stop the video.
sleep 10 Wait 10 seconds before proceeding with the script. 10 can be replaced with any integer number.
shutdown Power off the camera
setting AutoOff 1 Sets the camera to automatically turn off after 1 minute of inactivity. Supported parameters are 1, 2, 3, 5, and Never



Sample CSI Scripts

Right click one of the links below and select “Save link as...” to save the autoexec.csi file to the SD card’s root folder.

Take one photo and turn off camera:

Take photo

Take 30 second video and turn off camera:

Shoot a video

Scripts can be modified using a UNIX or Windows based text editor. When installing or editing the "autoexec.csi" script, a lot of programs automatically convert the file into a standard text document. If the file name is changed in any way, such as "autoexec.csi.txt", the camera will not run the file on startup.

Previously scripts on the HERO3+ series of cameras, you had to worry about the Unix end of line/carriage return characters (Unix vs Windows). Wth the new HERO4 scripting developed exclusively by CamDo, you don't have to worry about this.

http://brackets.io/ or Notepad++ are simple and free text editors that allow you to save in the .csi format (plain text file with extenson .csi).