CSI Firmware Update FAQ

What is the CSI firmware update?

The CSI firmware update is a firmware patch much like the official GoPro updates seen here.

The HERO4 Black and Silver cameras are not capable of running Super One Button Mode (SOBM) scripts from the SD card like the HERO3 and HERO3+ cameras. This means that, although CamDo products can turn the HERO4 cameras on, they will never turn off. Therefore, the CSI firmware update is necessary to unlock SOBM scripting functionality.


Do I need to apply this update to my camera?

This update is necessary for customers who would like to use their HERO4 cameras with the following CamDo products:

For customers who have HERO2, HERO3, or HERO3+ cameras, this update is not required. Please see the individual product pages for more info.

Note that for our new Blink and Bullet products (from June 2016), no custom firmware is required. However for advanced applications, you may still be interested in our Pro and Cloud firmware versions.

Please email us (sales@cam-do.com) to discuss your advanced applications and to ensure compatibility.


How do I get the update?

After purchase of one of the supported CamDo products listed above, you will receive an email with a password. This password will be used to gain access to the CSI firmware update web page here. You can then follow the steps outlined on that page to complete the update process.


Can the update be removed?

Yes, the CSI firmware update is not permanent and can be overwritten with an official GoPro update file. Official GoPro HERO4 camera updates can be found here.


How much does the update cost?

The Lite version of the update is free with purchase of any of the CamDo products listed above. There is also a Pro and Cloud version of the update which are now available (refer pricing below).


What is the feature list for the different versions?

Feature Lite Pro Cloud
Script Length 6 Lines Max Unlimited Unlimited
Set Auto-Off Timer
Turn Off Camera
Mode Selection (Video/Photo)
Mode Selection (Burst/Night Photo)
Video low-light (On/Off)
Protune (Video/Photo)
Set Exposure Level (Video/Photo)
Set Resolution
WiFi On/Off
IP Changer*
WiFi Monitor**
Cloud Service Upload
Cost Free $79
Email Us
Email Us


* Allows the GoPro camera IP address to be changed for when multiple cameras are in use in advanced applications.

**Refers to the bug which turns WiFi off when a USB cable is disconnected from the camera. The WiFi Monitor function will keep WiFi on.

Sample scripts can be found here.